There are currently two postscript Laser printers and one color DeskJet available to the theory group.
The default printer (i.e. if you don't specify a printer) is duplex.

HP LaserJet P4015x  IP=, queues: oneside, duplex

The HP LaserJet P4015x is located in 435 Lauritsen. The two queues are set up for single-sided and double-sided printing.

HP LaserJet Enterprise M605x  IP=, queues: voyager, enterprise

The HP LaserJet Enterprise M605x is located in 435 Lauristen. The two queues are set up for single-sided and double-sided printing.

General Printing Tips

From the command line you can print a postscript or ascii fileusing

lpr -P queuename

where queuename is the name of thequeue on one of our printers. If you do not specify a queue then the default is duplex on the HP LaserJet P4015x.

If you want to print multiple pages per side you can use the following command

psnup -h26cm -N filename | lpr -Pprintername

where N={2,4,8} is number of pages per side, and printername is your your choice of printer (duplex or downsd for double sided printing).

To simplify the above, you can also use the command lpr2d instead of lpr to get two pages per side, duplex printing on the 4015x.

Printing from a linux laptop

  1. Goto http://localhost:631 in your favorite browser; click on Administration, give the root password and click add printer
  2. Fill in whatever Name, Description etc. you want and click Continue
  3. Choose internet printing protocol (ipp) from the drop down list
  4. In the Device URI field enter ipp:// You can substitute your favorite queue for duplex
  5. Choose the Manufacturer as HP and the model according to which queue you chose in the previous step

Printing from a windows laptop

There are two methods to use the printers on a windows laptop. I would recommend that you try the first method, first.
First method
  1. Start --> Printers and faxes --> Add a printer
  2. Select "A network printer" and click Next
  3. Select "Connect to a printer on a home or office network". In the URL field enter
    and click Next
  4. Under Manufacturer select "HP" and under Printers select "HP LaserJet 4200 PS" and click OK.
  5. In order to enable double sided printing, go to Printers and Faxes and right click on the printer icon. Click Printing preferences and select double sided printing with flip on long edge.
Second method
  1. If your Internet connection is protected by a firewall.
  2. Start -> Printers and Faxes -> Add a printer
  3. Next -> Network printer -> Next
  4. Connect to this printer. Under Name type \\\duplex. Click Next.
    Note you can replace duplex with any of the above queue names, to print to the respective printers.
There is one caveat, the queues do not print double sided by default. In order to enable double sided printing, goto Printers and Faxes and right click on the printer icon. Click Printing preferences and select double sided printing with flip on long edge.

Printing from a mac laptop (running OS X Tiger)

CUPS on the MAC is somewhat broken. If you have trouble contact the admin.
  1. Start the Add printer wizard and select Internet Protocol printing (ipp printing)
  2. Printer is and queue is printers/duplex
  3. Leave the driver as generic and click done
You should now be able to print. If you want to enable double sided printing, you should change the driver to the "HP 4200 series genric" in the previous step and choose double sided printing in the printer options.

Printing from within programs

Ghostview: The most common use of the printer is for papersbrought up in Ghostview. When you go to File-Print, ghostviewpops up a window asking for the printer name All you need to dois enter the name of the print queue you wish to use.

Gv: This is an alternative to ghostview which you can use by runninggv filename. When printing from it, a window will pop upwith the words lpr. You can append -P queuename to specify a different printeror substitute lpr for any of the above duplex printing commands.

Acroread: If you have a pdf file that you wish to print fromAcroread then the syntax is slightly different than other applications.When you hit print you'll see the print command:

usr/bin/lp -c

To print to a queue other than the default you need to add-d queuename.

Note that sometimes pdf files are excesively complicated and pose problems for the printer. In this case it is best to print only a few pages at a time.

Mathematica and Netscape: In these you will have the option to eitherprint to a file, or enter a command as in gv above.

Printing from other applications will likely be similar toone of the above cases.