Policy for User Accounts

Except for exceptional circumstances, to be approved by the system administrator, accounts on the Particle Theory Group's computers shall be restricted to members of the group. Use of the account constitutes implicit agreement to this and all other established policies for use of the Theory Group computer system.

All users shall be bound by the Caltech Policy on Computer Ethics and the Caltech Honor Code. This shall extend to visitors as well as permanent members of the Caltech community. Failure to abide by these policies may result in immediate loss of account privileges.

New members of the group shall be given a user account as soon as possible after their arrival. After a person leaves the group, their account may be removed after no less than one year. Logins may be deactivated prior to this, but no sooner than six months after departure. After the one year period, accounts may be removed at the administrator's discretion. To request a mail forward, contact the administrator.

Guest accounts shall exist for the use of temporary visitors to the group. Any files in this account may be deleted one week after the end of the visit.

Persons visiting for more than two weeks may request a personal account for use during their visit. Such accounts will be removed two weeks after the end of the visit.