Physics and Geometry Seminar Series 2009-2010

Talks will be held  in 159 Sloan, unless otherwise noted. (Abstracts)




October 27, 2009
10:30am - noon

Yi Ni

Seeking topological information in knot homologies
         November 3, 2009
       10:30am - noon

Giuseppe Dito
Universite de Bourgogne, France


                    Asymptotic QED and Representation Theory
          January 26, 2010
         10:30am - noon

                            Ozgur Ceyhan
                        Univ of Amsterdam

                                     Cosmic Galois Groups

Februrary 9, 2010
        10:30am - noon

Mohammed Abouzaid

                      Generating branes and Hochschild Homology 

        March 2, 2010
       10:30am - noon

                                Don Zagier                              
                               MPI - Bonn

                         Quantum black holes and mock modular forms

         March 9, 2010
       10:30am - noon

Ezra Getzler

                   Open/closed topological field theories in two dimensions

          March 30, 2010
       10:30am - noon

                        Dennis Sullivan
                          SUNY Stony Brook
                       CUNY Graduate Center

Effective models of nonlinear structures like fluid evolution
                   or riemannian geometry using algebraic topology



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