High Energy Theory Seminars: Winter/Spring 2017

All seminars will be held in 469 Lauritsen on Fridays at 11AM, unless marked in red.
The organizer for this seminar is Martin Fluder.

Jan 6
Sarah Harrison
(Harvard University)
K3 String Theory, Lattices, and Moonshine
Jan 13
Márk Mezei
(Princeton University)
Moving the CFT into the bulk
Jan 20
Shu-Heng Shao
Indices, Particles, Surfaces, and Monsters
Jan 27
Guy Gur-Ari
(Stanford University)
Black Holes and Random Matrices
Feb 3
Simeon Hellerman
(Kavli IPMU)
Feb 10
Xi Dong
Entanglement, Gravity, and Quantum Error Correction
Feb 17
Maxime Gabella
Spectral Networks, BPS Graphs, and BPS Quivers
Feb 24
Claire Zukowski
(Columbia University)
Emergent de Sitter Spaces from Entanglement Entropy
Mar 3
Jaewon Song
Macdonald index and chiral algebra
Mar 10
Joshua Erlich
(College of William & Mary)
Quantum Gravity: A Free Lunch
Mar 17
Ethan Dyer
(Stanford University)
Information loss from partition functions at late times
Mar 24 Tudor Dimofte
(QMAP, UC Davis)
Equivariance and the cosmological constant
Mar 31
Andy Neitzke
(University of Texas at Austin)
Abelianization in complex Chern-Simons theory
Apr 7
Tom Hartman
(Cornell University)
Causality and Universality at Strong Coupling
Apr 14
Chi-Ming Chang
(QMAP, UC Davis)
Chaos in 2D CFT and Spinning Particle in AdS
Apr 21
Ingmar Saberi
(University of Heidelberg)
Holographic lattice field theories
Apr 28
Efrat Gerchkovitz
(Weizmann Institute)
May 5

May 5
Gabriel Wong
(University of Virginia)

Shamil Shakirov
(Harvard University)


May 12
Veronika Hubeny
(QMAP, UC Davis)
May 19
Gary Horowitz
(UC Santa Barbara)
Special Geometry & Physics Seminar:
May 19
Alexei Oblomkov
(University of Massachusetts)
May 26

May 26
Thomas Dumitrescu
(Harvard University)
Robert Myers
(Perimeter Institute)


Jun 2

Jun 9
Andreas Karch
(University of Washington)

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