High Energy Theory Seminars: Spring 2001

All seminars to be held in Lauritsen room 469 (unless otherwise noted).

The organizers for this seminar are Katrin Becker (beckerk@theory.caltech.edu) and

Edna Cheung (cheung@theory.caltech.edu)

FRIDAY, January 19, 11AM
Yuji Okawa , Caltech,
How Noncommutative Gauge Theories Couple to Gravity

FRIDAY, January 26, 11AM
Oren Bergman , Caltech,
New Insights Into Orbifolds and Orientifolds

FRIDAY, February 2, 11AM
Joseph Polchinski , ITP Santa Barbara,
Some Results on Warped Compactifications

FRIDAY, February 9, 11AM
Jerome Gauntlett , Queen Mary Westfield College,
Supergravity Duals for Wrapped Fivebranes

Michael Atiyah , University of Edinburgh,
Configurations of Points in 3-space
*** Sloan Rm.151 ***

FRIDAY, February 16, 11AM
Michael Douglas , Rutgers University ,
D-Branes, Categories and N=1 Supersymmetry

Michael Atiyah , University of Edinburgh,
Projective K-theory
*** Sloan Rm.151 ***

FRIDAY, February 23, 11AM
Klaus Behrndt , Berlin,
Brane worlds from Supergravity

Michael Atiyah , University of Edinburgh,
M-theory Flops and Duality
*** Sloan Rm.151 ***

FRIDAY, March 2, 11AM
No Seminar

FRIDAY, March 9, 11AM
Volker Schomerus , Potsdam, Max Planck Inst. ,
Open Strings and Fuzzy Gauge Theories

FRIDAY, March 9, 12:45PM
Yuji Sugawara , University of Tokyo,
Wilson Lines in SU(2) WZW Model and Spherical D-branes

FRIDAY, March 16, 11AM
Stephen Hawking , Cambridge,
Living with the Ghosts
***** Lauritsen Rm 269 *****

FRIDAY, March 23, 11AM
Tamiaki Yoneya , University of Tokyo,
How is SUSY Realized in Unstable Open-string Vacua with Tachyon?

FRIDAY, March 23, 12:45PM
Ramadevi Pichai , IIT, Mumbai,
Knots, Links, Three-Manifold Invariants from Chern-Simons Theory

FRIDAY, March 30, 11AM
John H. Schwarz , Caltech,
Anomaly Analysis of Brane--Anti-brane System

FRIDAY, April 6, 11AM
Michael Gutperle , Harvard University,
Fluxbranes in M-theory and String theory

FRIDAY, April 13, 11AM
Ken Intriligator , University of California, San Diego
A Gauge Theory Duality via a Geometric Transition

FRIDAY, April 20, 11AM
Sunil Mukhi , Tata Institute,
Gauge-Invariant Couplings of Noncommutative Branes to Ramond-Ramond Backgrounds

FRIDAY, April 27, 11AM
John Preskill , Caltech,
Noncommutative Geometry and Quantum Error Correction

FRIDAY, May 4, 11AM
Costas Bachas , Ecole Normale Superieure,
D-branes in AdS3

FRIDAY, May 11, 11AM
Eva Silverstein , SLAC,
Closed String Tachyons, AdS/CFT and large N QCD

FRIDAY, May 18, 11AM
Mirjam Cvetic , University of Pennsylvania,
M-theory on Special Holonomy Manifolds

FRIDAY, May 25, 11AM
Chris Hull , Queen Mary,

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