High Energy Theory Seminars: Fall 2002

All seminars to be held in Lauritsen room 469 (unless otherwise noted).

The organizers for this seminar are Iouri Chepelev (chepelev@theory.caltech.edu)

and Edna Cheung (cheung@theory.caltech.edu)

FRIDAY, September 6, 11AM
Harold Steinacker
Quantized D-branes on group manifolds

FRIDAY, September 27, 11AM
Sebastian de Haro, UCLA
Superpotentials for Type IIB supergravity and alpha' Corrections

FRIDAY, October 4, 11AM
John Schwarz, CalTech
Superstring Field Theory in the Light-Cone Gauge

FRIDAY, October 4, 1PM
Gordon Chalmers, UCLA
Quantum Gravity with the Standard Model

FRIDAY, October 11, 11AM
Mukund Rangamani, Berkeley
PP-waves Do Not Admit Black Holes

FRIDAY, October 18, 11AM
Sergio Ferrara, CERN
No-Scale Extended Supergravity in String and M-Theory

FRIDAY, October 18, 1PM
Joan Simon, Weizmann Institute
Null-branes and Time Dependence in String Theory

FRIDAY, October 25, 11AM
Hong Liu, Rutgers
String Theory in Time-Dependent Orbifolds

FRIDAY, October 25, 1PM
Sandip Trivedi, Tata Institute
String Compactification with Flux

FRIDAY, November 1, 11AM
Gary Horowitz, UCSB
Surprises in Kaluza-Klein Theory

FRIDAY, November 8, 11AM
Sanjaye Ramgoolam, Brown U.
Hidden Dimensions in Matrix Brane Constructions

FRIDAY, November 8, 1PM
Simeon Hellerman, Stanford
Lattice Gauge Theories Have Gravitational Duals

FRIDAY, November 15, 11AM
Shamit Kachru, Stanford
Bouncing Brane Cosmologies From Warped String Compactifications

FRIDAY, November 22, 11AM
Edna Cheung , CalTech
Hidden Treasures in the N=2 String

FRIDAY, November 22, 1PM
Marcus Berg , U. of Rome
Holographic Correlators in a Flow to a Fixed Point

FRIDAY, November 29, 11AM
Thanksgiving Holiday

FRIDAY, December 6, 11AM
David Berenstein, IAS
Quantum Moduli Spaces from Matrix Models

FRIDAY, December 6, 1PM
Bogdan Stefanski, U. of Utrecht
Superstring Field Theory in the Plane Wave Background

FRIDAY, December 13, 11AM
Anton Kapustin, Caltech
New Results on Particle-Vortex Duality in Three Dimensions

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