High Energy Theory Seminars: Spring 2002

All seminars to be held in Lauritsen room 469 (unless otherwise noted).

The organizers for this seminar are Iouri Chepelev (chepelev@theory.caltech.edu)

and Edna Cheung (cheung@theory.caltech.edu)

The seminars in Jan.07 - Feb.28 are part of the workshop on

"Geometric Transitions--G(2) Holonomy, Geometric Transitions & D-branes." Workshop Program

FRIDAY, January 11, 11AM
Kenneth Intriligator, UCSD
Introduction to Geometric Transition Dualities

FRIDAY, January 18, 11AM
Michael Douglas, Rutgers
D-branes in Calabi-Yau, Continued

FRIDAY, January 18, 1:30PM
Eva Silverstein, SLAC
Non-Perturbative Nonrenormalization in a Nonsupersymmetric Nonlocal String Theory

FRIDAY, January 25, 11AM
Edward Witten, IAS/Caltech
Multi-Trace Operators, Boundary Conditions, And AdS/CFT Correspondence

FRIDAY, February 1, 11AM
Bobby Acharya, Rutgers
Superpotentials, G2 manifolds and exceptional mirror symmetries

FRIDAY, February 1, 1:30PM
Christopher Herzog, Princeton
The Conifold and Beyond

FRIDAY, February 8, 11AM
Albion Lawrence, SLAC
Signature of M-theory in Cosmic Microwave Background

FRIDAY, February 15, 11AM
Calin Lazaroiu, Stony Brook
Graded Chern-Simons theories, extended moduli spaces and topological D-branes

FRIDAY, February 22, 11AM
Konstantin Savvidy, Perimeter Inst.
On D0-brane Bound State Spectrum

FRIDAY, February 22, 1:30PM
Shamit Kachru, Stanford
String Compactifications with Flux

FRIDAY, March 1, 11AM
Kazumi Okuyama, U. of Chicago
Comments on Vacuum String Field Theory

FRIDAY, March 8, 11AM
Shou-Cheng Zhang, Stanford
A 4 dimensional generalization of the quantum Hall effect

FRIDAY, March 15, 11AM
Ivo Sachs, Trinity College Dublin
Horizon Holography

FRIDAY, March 22, 11AM
David Kutasov, U. of Chicago
Localized Instabilities in String Theory

FRIDAY, March 22, 1PM
Curtis Callan, Princeton
Biology by and for Particle Physicists: Pedagogical Lecture 1

FRIDAY, March 29, 11AM
Hubert Saleur, USC
Sigma models on superprojective spaces

FRIDAY, March 29, 1PM
Jae-Suk Park, Stony Brook
Covariant Quantum Supermembrane

FRIDAY, April 5, 11AM
Joerg Teschner, Freie Universitat Berlin
Branes on the Euclidean AdS_3

FRIDAY, April 5, 1PM
Atish Dabholkar, Tata Institute
Tachyon Condensation and Black Hole Entropy

FRIDAY, April 12, 11:15 AM in Lauritsen room 269
Stephen Hawking, Cambridge
Why does inflation start at the top of the hill?

FRIDAY, April 12, 1PM
Andrei Mikhailov, Santa Barbara
Notes on Higher Spin Symmetries

FRIDAY, April 19, 11AM
Curtis Callan, Princeton
Biology by and for Particle Physicists: Pedagogical Lecture 2

FRIDAY, April 19, 1PM
Gordon Chalmers, UCLA

FRIDAY, April 26, 11AM
Nathan Seiberg, IAS
Strings in a Time Dependent Orbifold

The following seminars are part of the workshop on "String Field Theory." Workshop Program

FRIDAY, May 3, 11AM
George Papadopoulos, King's College London
Penrose limits, pp-waves and string dynamics

FRIDAY, May 10, 11AM
Ricardo Schiappa, Harvard
Towards Vacuum Superstring Field Theory: The Supersliver

FRIDAY, May 17, 11AM
Leonardo Rastelli, Princeton

FRIDAY, May 24, 11AM
Barton Zwiebach, MIT

FRIDAY, May 31, 11AM

FRIDAY, Jun 7, 11AM
Hiroshi Ooguri, Caltech
Worldsheet Derivation of a large N Duality

FRIDAY, Jun 14, 11AM

FRIDAY, Jun 21, 11AM
Daniel Freedman, MIT
Perturbative Gauge Theory and String Interactions

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