High Energy Theory Seminars: Spring 2003

All seminars will be held in Lauritsen room 469 (unless otherwise noted).

The organizers for this seminar are Sanefumi Moriyama and Michael Schulz ().

FRIDAY, January 10, 11AM
Mark van Raamsdonk, Stanford & UBC
Transverse Fivebranes in Matrix Theory

FRIDAY, January 17, 11AM
Zheng Yin, CERN
Families of N=2 Strings and Superboundaries

THURSDAY, January 23, 1:30PM
Cumrun Vafa, Harvard & Caltech
Beginning of Thursday Lecture Series:
Matrix Model and N=1 Supersymmetric Gauge Theories I

FRIDAY, January 24, 11AM
Micha Berkooz, Weizmann
Cosmological Singularities in String Theory

FRIDAY, January 24, 1PM
Shing-Tung Yau, Harvard & Caltech
Quasi-local Mass and Black Holes

THURSDAY, January 30, 1:30PM
Cumrun Vafa, Harvard & Caltech
Matrix Model and N=1 Supersymmetric Gauge Theories II

FRIDAY, January 31, 11AM
Chris Herzog, KITP
AdS/CFT Correspondence at Finite Temperature and Hydrodynamics

THURSDAY, February 6, 1:30PM
Cumrun Vafa, Harvard & Caltech
Matrix Model and N=1 Supersymmetric Gauge Theories III

FRIDAY, February 7, 11AM
Rajesh Gopakumar, HRI
Geometry and the Master Field

THURSDAY, February 13
*Vafa Lecture Cancelled This Week*

FRIDAY, February 14, 11AM
Nadav Drukker, Weizmann
Different Actions for the Vacuum of String Field Theory

THURSDAY, February 20, 1PM -- note time change!
Hirosi Ooguri, Caltech
Matrix Model and N=1 Supersymmetric Gauge Theories IV

FRIDAY, February 21, 11AM
Sergei Gukov, Harvard
The Wave Function of a 3-Dimensional Universe

FRIDAY, February 21, 1PM
Tohru Eguchi, Tokyo
Supercoset CFT's for String Theories on Non-Compact Special Holonomy Manifolds

THURSDAY, February 27, 1PM
Cumrun Vafa, Harvard & Caltech
Matrix Model and N=1 Supersymmetric Gauge Theories V

FRIDAY, February 28, 11AM
Eric D'Hoker, UCLA
Progress on Two Loop Superstrings

THURSDAY, March 6, 1PM
Cumrun Vafa, Harvard & Caltech
Matrix Model and N=1 Supersymmetric Gauge Theories VI

FRIDAY, March 7, 11AM
Andrei Mikhailov, KITP
AdS Branes from Calibrated Cycles

FRIDAY, March 7, 1PM
Marcos Mariño, Harvard
Matrix Models and Geometric Engineering

FRIDAY, March 14, 11AM
Andrew Frey, UCSB
Just How Stable is de Sitter Anyway?

FRIDAY, March 14, 1PM
Raphael Bousso, Harvard
From Gravity to Quantum Mechanics -- Light-Sheets and Bekenstein's Bound

FRIDAY, March 21, 11AM
Mina Aganagic, Harvard
Matrix Models, Mirror Symmetry and Chern-Simons Theory

TUESDAY, March 25, 1:30PM
Michael Douglas, Rutgers
The Statistics of String/M Theory Vacua

FRIDAY, March 28
No Seminar
Spring Break

FRIDAY, April 4, 11AM
Petr Horava, Berkeley
String Theory and Holography in Gödel Universes

FRIDAY, April 11, 11AM
Leonardo Rastelli, Princeton
Closed Strings as Imaginary D-branes

FRIDAY, April 18, 11AM
Burt Ovrut, Penn
Non-Perturbative Superpotentials for Moduli in Heterotic String Theory

FRIDAY, April 18, 1PM
Vladimir Kazakov, ENS
Analytic Curves of Matrix Models

FRIDAY, April 25, 11AM
Albion Lawrence, Brandeis
Nature Abhors a(lpha) Vacua

FRIDAY, April 25, 1PM
Robbert Dijkgraaf, Amsterdam
Supersymmetric Gauge Theories and Matrix Models

FRIDAY, May 2, 11AM
Andreas Karch, Washington
Strings from Partons

FRIDAY, May 2, 1PM
Eric Sharpe, Urbana-Champaign
BRST = Ext

FRIDAY, May 9, 11AM
Keshav Dasgupta, Stanford
Compactifications of Heterotic Theory on Non-Kähler Manifolds

THURSDAY, May 15, 1PM -- note date change!
Iosif Bena, UCLA
N=1* in 5 Dimensions -- Dijkgraaf-Vafa Meets Polchinski-Strassler

FRIDAY, May 16, 11AM
Eva Silverstein, SLAC & Stanford
D-Sitter Space

FRIDAY, May 23, 11AM
Anton Kapustin, Caltech
Topological Correlators in Landau-Ginzburg Models with D-branes

FRIDAY, May 23, 1PM
Cumrun Vafa, Harvard & Caltech
The Topological Vertex

FRIDAY, May 30, 11AM
Ori Ganor, Berkeley
Nonlocal Effects on D-branes in Plane-Wave Backgrounds

FRIDAY, May 30, 1PM
Juan Maldacena, IAS
Closed Strings from Unstable D-Branes

FRIDAY, July 11, 11AM
Wolfgang Lerche, CERN
N=1 Superpotentials from Open String Mirror Symmetry

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