High Energy Theory Seminars: Fall 2004

All seminars will be held in Lauritsen room 469 (unless otherwise noted) and are general Fridays at 11AM.

The organizers for this seminar are Andrew Frey Andrei Mikhailov ().

MONDAY, September 13, 11AM
Bogdan Stefanski, Imperial, London
From Spin chains to Sigma models and the Landau-Lifshitz equation
Early Seminar!
Please note unusual date and time!

FRIDAY, September 17, 11AM
Ari Pakman, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
D-branes in N=2 Liouville and its mirror
Early Seminar!

FRIDAY, October 1, 11AM
Atish Dabholkar, Tata Institute & Stanford
Exact Counting of Black Hole Microstates

FRIDAY, October 8, 11AM
Per Kraus, UCLA
Black holes, black rings, and supertubes

FRIDAY, October 15, 11AM
Ken Intriligator, UCSD
Evidence for the Strongest Version of the 4d a-Theorem, via a-Maximization Along RG Flows

FRIDAY, October 22, 11AM
Pascal Grange, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
Stability conditions and mirror symmetry

FRIDAY, October 29, 11AM
Alexander Gorsky, ITEP, Moscow
From one-loop effective actions to the background geometry

FRIDAY, October 29, 1PM
David Mateos, Perimeter Institute
Supersymmetric Black Rings and Supertubes

FRIDAY, November 5, 11AM
Sebastian Franco, MIT
Holographic Cascades for D-branes on Singularities

FRIDAY, November 5, 1PM
Oleg Lunin, IAS
AdS/CFT correspondence for half-BPS states

FRIDAY, November 12, 11AM
Ofer Aharony, Weizmann Institute
Gravitational phase transitions from a field theory perspective

FRIDAY, November 12, 1PM
Ted Erler, UCSB
Causality and Time in String Theory and String Field Theory

TUESDAY, November 16, 2PM
Erik Verlinde, Amsterdam
Attractors and the Holomorphic Anomaly
Please note unusual date and time!

FRIDAY, November 19
No Seminar
KITP Conference

FRIDAY, November 26
No Seminar
Thanksgiving Holiday

MONDAY, November 29, 11AM
Nathan Berkovits, IFT, Sao Paulo University
Covariant Multiloop Superstring Amplitudes
Please note unusual date and time!

FRIDAY, December 3, 11AM
Matthew Strassler, University of Washington
Gauge/String Duality and Quasi-Universal Phenomena

FRIDAY, December 3, 1PM
Arkady Vainshtein, University of Minnesota
Supersizing Worldvolume Supersymmetry for Solitons in SQCD

FRIDAY, December 10, 11AM
Konstantin Zarembo, Uppsala University

FRIDAY, December 10, 1PM
Minxin Huang, Wisconsin
Open/Closed string duality for topological gravity with matter

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