High Energy Theory Seminars: Spring 2004

All seminars will be held in Lauritsen room 469 (unless otherwise noted).

The organizers for this seminar are Andrew Frey and Andrei Mikhailov ().

FRIDAY, January 9, 11AM
Michael Gutperle, UCLA
D-brane dynamics in the c=1 matrix model

FRIDAY, January 16, 11AM
Amer Iqbal, Harvard
Geometric Engineering and Elliptic Genera

FRIDAY, January 23, 11AM
Kristian Kennaway, USC
Effective superpotentials, geometry, and integrable systems

WEDNESDAY, January 28, 2:30PM
Jerome Gauntlett, Perimeter Institute
AdS5 Geometries in M-Theory
Please note unusual date and time!!!

FRIDAY, January 30, 11AM
Leonardo Rastelli, Princeton
A paradigm of open/closed duality

FRIDAY, February 6, 11AM
Thomas Hertog, UCSB
Cosmic Censorship Violation in String Theory

TUESDAY, February 10, 4PM
Andy Strominger, Harvard
A Matrix Model for AdS2
Please note unusual date and time!

FRIDAY, February 13, 11AM
Clifford Johnson, USC
A model of the fate of closed time-like curves in string theory

FRIDAY, February 20, 11AM
Rob Myers, Perimeter Institute & Waterloo
Cosmic Superstrings

FRIDAY, February 27, 11AM
Mohammed Sheikh-Jabbari, Stanford
Giant Hedge-Hogs: Spikes on Giant Gravitons

FRIDAY, March 5, 11AM
Don Marolf, UCSB
A World without Entropy Bounds?

FRIDAY, March 12, 11AM
Cosmas Zachos, ANL
Membranes and Consistent Quantization of Nambu Mechanics

FRIDAY, March 12, 1PM
John McGreevy, Princeton
Supercritical duals of unstable branes

FRIDAY, March 19, 11AM
Richard Corrado, UIUC
N=1 Field Theories and Fluxes in IIB String Theory

FRIDAY, March 26, 11AM
No Seminar
Spring Break

FRIDAY, April 2, 11AM
David Berenstein, UCSB
Deformations of N=4 SYM and integrable spin chains

FRIDAY, April 9, 11AM
Yang-Hui He, UPenn
GUT particle spectrum from Heterotic Compactification

FRIDAY, April 9, 1PM
Joerg Teschner, Freie Universitat Berlin
Comments on time-dependent processes in c=1 string theory

FRIDAY, April 16, 11AM
Michael Schulz, CalTech
The Simplest Superstring Orientifolds with Torsion, and their N=2 Calabi-Yau Duals

FRIDAY, April 16, 1PM
Zachary Guralnik, Humboldt Universitat Berlin
Non-renormalization theorems, holography, and the non-abelian DBI action in a curved background

MONDAY, April 19, 2PM
Laurent Baulieu, LPTHE
Topological gravity, supergravity and TQFT versus N=1 supersymmetry on Kaehler manifolds
Please note unusual date and time!

FRIDAY, April 23, 11AM
Arkady Tseytlin, Ohio State U.
Spinning strings and AdS/CFT

FRIDAY, April 30, 11AM
Shyamoli Chaudhuri, AEI Potsdam (visitor)
Hidden Symmetry Unmasked: Matrix Theory and E11 =E8(3)

FRIDAY, May 7, 11AM
Alex Buchel, Perimeter Institute & Waterloo
Braneworld Inflation

FRIDAY, May 7, 1PM
Sumit Das, University of Kentucky
Time dependent backgrounds in noncritical string theory and particle creation

MONDAY, May 10, 2PM
Zvi Bern, UCLA
N = 4 super-Yang-Mills scattering amplitudes
Please note unusual date and time!

FRIDAY, May 14, 11AM
Radu Roiban, UCSB
Yang-Mills amplitudes from strings in twistor space

MONDAY, May 17, 11AM
Shiraz Minwalla, Harvard
Hagedorn and Gregory-Laflamme Transitions in Yang-Mills
Please note unusual date and time!

FRIDAY, May 21, 11AM
Christos Kokorelis, N.C.R.P.S. Demokritos
The Standard Model from Intersecting D-Brane Models

FRIDAY, May 28, 11AM
Takuya Okuda, CalTech
D branes and phases on string worldsheets

FRIDAY, June 4, 11AM
Nick Warner, USC
SUSY breaking by fluxes and dielectric brane distributions

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