High Energy Theory Seminars: Fall 2005

All seminars will be held in 469 Lauritsen on Fridays at 11AM, unless otherwise noted.
The organizer for this seminar is Masaki Shigemori ().
Date and time Speaker
Title Slides
Fri, Sep. 23
Sat, Sep. 24
Special Event: Southern California String Seminar at UCLA
Schedule and directions
Sep. 30 Andrew Frey (Caltech) AdS Strings with Torsion  
Oct. 7 David Berenstein (UCSB) Emergent quantum gravity from strongly coupled quantum systems pdf
Fri, Oct. 7, 1PM Yuji Tachikawa (Tokyo) Five-dimensional supergravity dual of a-maximization pdf
Oct. 14 Amihay Hanany (MIT) Tilings, dimers, and quiver gauge theories pdf
Fri, Oct. 14, 1PM Thomas Levi (U Penn) Microstates for BPS black holes and black rings pdf
Oct. 21 Washington Taylor (MIT) Exploring type II flux vacua: SUSY, non-SUSY, and non-geometric  
Fri, Oct. 21, 1PM Yuji Okawa (MIT) Heterotic string field theory  
Oct. 28 Steve Giddings (UCSB) Warped landscape topography pdf
Nov. 4 Tadashi Takayanagi (KITP) Modern updates on non-critical N=2 string pdf
Nov. 11 Andrew Strominger (Harvard) Quiver quantum mechanics for the quintic  
Fri, Nov. 11, 1PM Boris Pioline (LPTHE) The quantum attractor mechanism pdf
Nov. 18 Paul de Medeiros (Michigan) Topological membranes  
Fri, Nov. 18, 1PM Xi Yin (Harvard) Exact counting of 4D BPS black holes  
Tue, Nov. 22, 4PM John McGreevy (Stanford) A talk about Nothing pdf
Nov. 25 No Seminar (Thanksgiving Holiday)  
Dec. 2 Joan Simon (U Penn) Coarse-graining gravity: black holes and singularities  
Fri, Dec. 2, 1PM N.E.J. Bjerrum-Bohr (Swansea) Twistor space, amplitudes and unitarity methods pdf ppt
Dec. 9 Nelia Mann (Santa Barbara) A Bethe ansatz for a quantum, conformal supercoset model  
Fri, Dec. 9, 1PM Anke Knauf (Maryland) Geometric transitions on non-Kähler manifolds abs pdf

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