High Energy Theory Informal Meeting Spring 2010

This meeting is for relatively informal discussions on topics that happen to be interesting us - occasionally we also have a formal seminar.
The organizer of this seminar is Piotr Sułkowski. The location of this meeting is 469 Lauritsen.

Wednesdays, 1pm
March 31st
Vatche Sahakian
Volume Operators in Puff Field Theory
April 7th
Anton Kapustin
Topological line and surface operators in N=4 d=4 SYM theory
April 14th
Itamar Yaakov
Nonperturbative Tests of Three-Dimensional Dualities
April 21st
Chang-Soon Park
Gravity dual of spatially modulated phase
April 28th
Juan Maldacena
Scattering Amplitudes and Wilson loops at strong coupling
in N=4 Super Yang Mills via minimal surfaces in AdS
May 5th
Yonathan Schwarzkopf
An additive replication model for growth
May 12th
Mark Wise
An extension of the Standard  Model with Baryon and Lepton Number Gauged
May 19th
Piotr Sułkowski
Wall-crossing, free fermions and matrix models
May 26th
Yu-tin Huang Maximal superconformal scattering amplitudes in 3 and 6D