High Energy Theory Informal Meeting Spring 2013

This meeting is for relatively informal discussions on topics that happen to be interesting us - occasionally we also have a formal seminar.
The organizer of this seminar is Yu Nakayama. The location of this meeting is 469 Lauritsen.

Wednesdays, 1:30 pm
Apr 3
Orestis Vasilakis
Almost-BPS black hole microstates and non renormalization
Apr 10
Anton Kapustin
Is Quantum Mechanics Exact?
Apr 17
Hirosi Ooguri
Apr 24
Kazunobu Maruyoshi
Dynamics of N=1 gauge theory with strongly coupled sector
Apr 30 at room 248
John Schwarz
An NMSSM Scenario
May 8
Pavel Putrov
Walls, Lines, and Spectral Dualities in 3d Gauge Theories
May 15
Stefan Leichenauer
AdS black holes, the bulk-boundary dictionary, and smearing functions
May 22
No Talk?
May 29
Koji Hashimoto
Dielectric instability in holography
June 5
Bengt Nilsson
Topologically gauged 3d CFTs with 8 supersymmetries: solutions and other properties
June 19
John Schwarz
Multicharge Superstrings