High Energy Theory Informal Meeting Spring 2014

This meeting is for relatively informal discussions on topics that happen to be interesting us - occasionally we also have a formal seminar.
The organizer of this seminar is Pavel Putrov. The location of this meeting is 469 Lauritsen.

Wednesdays, 1:30 pm
Apr 9
Cosmas Zachos
Deformation Quantization: Quantum Mechanics Lives and Works in Phase-Space
Apr 16
Susanne Reffert
Deformed supersymmetric gauge theories from string- and M-theory
Apr 23

Apr 30
Leonardo Rastelli
(Stony Brook)
The Superconformal Bootstrap Program
May 7
Sergio Ferrara
The Volkov-Akulov-Starobinsky Supergravity
May 14
Shamit Kachru
Mock Modular Moonshine for M22 and M23
May 21
Yuji Tachikawa
(Univ. of Tokyo)
Regularizing the entangling surface
May 28
John Schwarz
BPS Soliton Solutions of a D3-brane Action
Jun 4
Anton Kapustin
Anomalies of discrete symmetries
Jun 11
Roji Pius
(Harish-Chandra Research Institute)
Off-shell string theory