High Energy Theory Informal Meeting Spring 2016

This meeting is for relatively informal discussions on topics that happen to be interesting us - occasionally we also have a formal seminar.
The organizer of this seminar is Slava Lysov. The location of this meeting is 469 Lauritsen.

Wednesdays, 1:30 pm
March 30
Natalie Paquette
Umbral Moonshine and String Theory on K3
April 6
Sergei Gukov
When Morse theory fails
April 20
John Schwarz
The D3-brane in AdS_5xS^5
April 27
Sergio Ferrara
Constrained Superfields and MSIM
May 4
Jonathan Maltz
Chaos in Matrix Models and Black Hole Evaporation
May 11
Jaroslav Trnka
(UC Davis)
Geometry of non-planar amplitudes
May 18
Ahmed Almheiri
Linearity of Holographic Entanglement Entropy
May 25
Du Pei
The Algebra of Defects
June 1
Alexei Kitaev
Emergent SL(2,R) symmetry in a system of fermions