High Energy Theory Journal Club/Informal Meeting

This journal club is for relatively informal discussion of topics that happen to be interesting us, and the topics listed are usually just rough topics, not titles. If you have ideas or suggestions, please let Sakura Schafer-Nameki know.
These meetings are in 469 Lauritsen on the day and time listed below for each quarter (except when specially noted).

2006-2007 Schedule

Winter Quarter
Wednesday, 1:00 PM
Jan 24
Masaki Shigemori Gravity as an integrable system: black holes, rings and saturn
Refs: 0507250, 0408141, 0110258, 0701035
Jan 31
Marat Gataullin
LHC for String Theorists
Ref: hep-ph/0504221, Slides: pdf
Feb 7
Yutaka Ookouchi Gauge Mediation of Meta-stable SUSY Breaking
Ref: hep-ph/0612139
Feb 14
Ashoke Sen Extremal Black Hole Entropy II
Slides: pdf1, pdf2
Feb 21
Yosuke Imamura (Tokyo) Anomalies and marginal deformations in brane tilings
Slides: pdf, ppt
Feb 28
Yutaka Matsuo (Tokyo) Exact solvability of nonsinglet sector in matrix quantum mechanics
Ref: hep-th/0607052
Mar 7
Joseph Marsano
"Metastable" Brane-antibrane configurations in type IIA and M-theory
Mar 14
Anton Kapustin Holomorphic reduction of supersymmetric gauge theories
Mar 21
Ricardo Monteiro (DAMTP)
The quantum creation of the Universe:
a review of the 'no boundary' proposal
Mar 28
Tim Clunan (DAMTP)
The No-Boundary Probability for the Universe
starting at the top of the hill
April 4
Natalia Saulina Linear Models for flux vacua
Ref: hep-th/0611084
April 11
Sakura Schafer-Nameki S-matrix of AdS/CFT
Refs: hep-th/0609044, hep-th/0610251
April 25
Paul Cook Chiral baby universes
April 25
Ian Swanson (IAS) Connecting giant magnons to the pp-wave
Ref: hep-th/0612079
May 2
Chang-Soon Park Metastable Vacua in Perturbed Seiberg-Witten Theories
May 9
Lilia Anguelova (QMUL) Metastable Susy Breaking and Supergravity at Finite Temperature
May 16
Jie Yang SU(3) x SU(3) compactification and mirror duals of magnetic fluxes
May 23
Kevin Hickerson Toroidal configurations as stable solitons
Ref: hep-th/9705176
May 30
Hirosi Ooguri Seminar Postponed!
June 6
Sergei Gukov Link Homologies and the Refined Topological Vertex