High Energy Theory Informal Meeting 2007/2008

This journal club is for relatively informal discussions of topics that happen to be interesting us - occasionally we also have a formal seminar.
If you have ideas or suggestions, please let Sakura Schafer-Nameki know.
The location of this meeting is 469 Lauritsen.

Wednesdays, 2pm
12. September
Sergey Cherkis
(Trinity College, Dublin)
Bows and Quivers: Instantons on ALF Spaces
3. October
Matt Johnson
Landscape Cosmology:
possible observational signatures of eternal inflation
10. October
Kirill Saraikin
Normal functions and Calabi-Yau geometry
Refs: 0709.4028
17. October
Sakura Schafer-Nameki
Refs: 0710.1568, 0708.2208
24. October
Tudor Dimofte
A state sum model for SL(2,C) Chern-Simons theory
31. October
Marlene Weiss
(CERN and Zürich)
Non-perturbative effects in matrix models and topological strings
7. November
Volker Braun
Calabi-Yau Metrics and the Solutions of the Laplacian
14. November
John Schwarz
A new kind of algebra
21. November
Akin Wingerter
(Ohio State)
MSSM-like Models from Strings
28. November
Joe Marsano
M-theory realization of Seiberg-Witten potentials and metastable vacua
5. December
Jie Yang
Open topological string holomorphic anomaly equation
12. December
Southern California String Seminar
19. December
HEP Christmas Party
No seminar
26. December
Joyeux NoŽl!
Boxing Day
9. January
Oren Bergman
The Phase Diagram of Holographic QCD
23. January
Hirosi Ooguri
On Tree Amplitudes in Gauge Theory and Gravity
Ref: 0801.2385
30. January
Andrei Mikhailov
Towards a Worldsheet Derivation of the Maldacena Conjecture
Ref: 0711.1799
6. February
Natalia Saulina
2 dim Kodaira-Spencer Theory and 3 dim CS Gravity
Ref: 0711.1932