High Energy Theory Informal Meeting Spring 2008

This journal club is for relatively informal discussions of topics that happen to be interesting us - occasionally we also have a formal seminar.
If you have ideas or suggestions, please let Sakura Schafer-Nameki know.
The location of this meeting is 469 Lauritsen.

Wednesdays, 2pm
9. January
Oren Bergman
The Phase Diagram of Holographic QCD
23. January
Hirosi Ooguri
On Tree Amplitudes in Gauge Theory and Gravity
Ref: 0801.2385
30. January
Andrei Mikhailov
Towards a Worldsheet Derivation of the Maldacena Conjecture
Ref: 0711.1799
6. February
Time: 1.15pm!
Natalia Saulina
2 dim Kodaira-Spencer Theory and 3 dim CS Gravity
Ref: 0711.1932
13. February
Tudor Dimofte
Engineering meta-stable IIB flux vacua
20. February
Ryuichiro Kitano
(Los Alamos)
Sweet Spot Supersymmetry
27. February
Joe Marsano
GUTs and Exceptional Branes in F-theory
Ref: 0802.3391
5. March
Katrin Becker
(Texas A&M)
Fluxes, torsion and heterotic strings
12. March
Matt Johnson
String Inflation I
17. March
Matt Johnson
String Inflation II
26. March
Nikolay Bobev
Bubbles and Black Hole Microstates
Ref: 0803.1203
2. April
Ruth Williams
Wilson loops in discrete quantum gravity
9. April
Kirill Saraikin
Topological strings and attractive manifolds
Ref: 0804.0750
16. April
Lisa Randall
Unmediated supersymmetry breaking
23. April
Andy Strominger
Chiral Gravity in Three Dimensions
30. April
Lisa Randall
Flavour and extra dimensions
7. May
Yutaka Ookouchi
Extended Supersymmetric Moduli Space and a SUSY/Non-SUSY Duality
Ref: 0804.2489
14. May
Joe Marsano
Gravity Duals for non-Relativistic CFT's
21. May
Time: 2.30pm!
Arthur Lipstein
N = 8 Superconformal Chern-Simons Theories
28. May
Ketan Vyas
Holomorphic twist of N=1 supersymmetric theories
4. June
Esko Keski-Vakkuri
10. June
Pierre Ramond
N=8 Supergravity in Light-Cone Superspace