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Aidan Chatwin-Davies (Caltech)

Computing Maximally Supersymmetric Scattering Amplitudes

James (J.J.) Stankowicz (UCLA)

This talk reviews work in computing N=4 maximally supersymmetric-Yang–Mills (sYM) and N=8 maximally supersymmetric gravity (mSUGRA) scattering amplitudes in four spacetime dimensions in novel ways. After reviewing some older amplitudes technology and describing several new methods for computing amplitudes -- dlog forms, pure integrand bases, and homogeneous conditions -- these methods are used to construct several amplitudes. The examples include the two-loop four-point sYM amplitude, the two-loop five-point sYM amplitude, the three-loop four-point sYM amplitude, and several higher-loop planar diagrams in sYM and mSUGRA. The success of these techniques suggest that the recently uncovered structure in planar sYM has a generalization in the full theory and perhaps even in quantum gravity.