Nikolai Kapustin 

Most of my father's music on youtube is piano music. But he also writes chamber music and orchestral music. You can find some samples below.

Chamber Music

Quintet for two violins, viola, cello and piano, op. 89:   Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Orchestral music from 60ís and 70ís


Below you can find links to some of my fatherís orchestral works from 60ís and 70ís. They were recorded in the Soviet Union and are difficult to find nowadays. I hope you will enjoy them. I certainly do! I also included links to some of his music on YouTube.


Selected orchestral works by Nikolai Kapustin:


         Meridian (Op. 34)

         Daybreak  - orchestra version (Op. 26)

         Closed curve (Op. 35)



YouTube links:


Variations (Op. 3)  -  with photos of Oleg Lundstremís Big Band.

Toccata (Op. 8)    -  rare videoclip from 1967, Nikolai Kapustin performing with Oleg Lundstremís Big Band. This is part of the movie ďWhen the song does not endĒ. Really amazing!


There are many more clips of Nikolai Kapustinís music on YouTube (mostly piano music).