The Student Sessions at the Summer school on String Theory I organized at the Perimeter Institute

Dr. Mihai Bondarescu

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To make a  long story  short, 
I'm a physics grad student applying for jobs worldwide. During my Ph.D years, I've been playing with black holes and string theory while mentoring and helping several several students get fellowships on the side. I like both teaching and independent research and tend to be more independent them my peers both in science and personal life.

Teaching & TA-ing

 -- Ph237 - Gravitational Waves  with  Kip S Thorne
It's worth seeing this web page. We have high resolution movies of every class and all the reading & homework we used. All lectures are also published on DVDs.  I pushed Kip to do this at the very beginning and he opened this TA positon for me and  made me the 2nd autor. 
--Ph 1 Lab with David Politzer  [Nobel Prize 2004] and Paul Skerritt
-- Summer school in General Relativity organized and taught in August 2003 Bucharest, Romania
-- Gravitational Waves - a series of 14 graduate level lectures organized and taught jointly with my little sister and Greg Daues at Louisiana State University December 2003- January 2004.
-- 8 three-hours lectures on General Relativity and String Theory - Lecture series organized by LIGA AC at Politehnica University, Timisoara in March 2004
-- String Theory for High-School Students with Anton Kapustin. This lecture series was part of UCI's Cosmos Program
-- A few lectures on modern physics taught Grigore Moisil Informatics Highschool, Timisoara, Romania - September 2004
--Ph 135c - Undergraduate Sting Theory, with Tristan McLauglin and Michael Schulz



-- Mihai Bondarescu, Miguel Alcubierre, Edward Seidel,  Embeddings of BH surfaces in flat 3D space   - Class.Quant.Grav. 19 (2002) 375-392
-- Kip S. Thorne, Mihai Bondarescu, Yanbei Chen - Gravitational Waves published at  and as a DVD series.
-- Mihai Bondarescu, Kip S. Thorne, A New Family of Light Beams and Mirror Shapes for Future LIGO Interferometers Phys.Rev. D74 (2006)
-- Mihai Bondarescu,  Simple solutions to the Einstein Equations in spaces with unusial topology - hep-th 0505057 awarded an honorable mention at the GRG essay contest and an invitation for publication in IJMPD. Here are the other winners.
-- Mihai Bondarescu,  Orbifolds in Numerical Relativity - gr-qc  0603047  - Submitted. I was very pleased to receive 4 emails about this paper and be invited to give a talk about it - all within 22 hours of publication.
-- Mihai Bondarescu, Oleg Kogan, Yanbei Chen -   Optimal mirrors for Advanced Ligo Interferometers
-- Jayashree Balakrishna, Ruxandra Bondarescu, Gregory Daues, Mihai Bondarescu,  Numerical Simulations of Oscillating Soliton Stars: Excited States in Spherical Symmetry and Ground State Evolutions in 3D - accepted by Phys.Rev.D
-- Andrew P. Lundgren, Ruxandra Bondarescu, David Tsang, Mihai Bondarescu ,  Finite Mirror Effects in Advanced Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors - accepted by Phys.Rev.D

Science Popularization & Miscellaneous

-- Mihai Bondarescu - Teoria Relativitatii din alta perspectiva,   Evrika, 1999
-- Matei Stefan, Mihai Bondarescu, Glita Sebastian - Matematici Speciale, Mirton 1999
-- Mihai Bondarescu, Iuliana Vatui, Elena Caraba - Relativitate si mai departe 'Archimede', accepted 

Conferences & Talks: 

-- EU Meeting, AEI, December 1999
-- Fruhjahrstagung der DPG, 26-29 March 2001, Bonn, Germany 
-- 2 hours talk at FU Berlin, Germany
-- Talks at Universitatea de Vest Timisoara, Romania
-- GR 16, 15-21 July 2001,  Durban, South Africa
                          (prize for the best student talk.)
                          [GR16 was the most important GR conference worldwide in 2001]

-- NR2001, 24-27 July 2001, Krugersdorp South Africa
                         (Ngonyama Lion Lodge and Conference Centre)
-- TASC, 26 October 2001, Caltech, USA    
-- John Archibald Wheeler's 90th birdthday, 13-15 March 2001, Princeton, NJ, USA
-- PCGM, UC Davies, CA USA
-- PCGM, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
-- 1 hour seminar at University of Parma, Italy, March 2003
-- 1 hour and longer seminars at AEI, March 2003
-- 1 hour seminar at  Astronomisches Rechen-Institut, Heidelberg,  03/03 .place,people
-- August 2003 Timisoara, Romania - seminar on GR at West University Timisoara
-- August 21 2003 Timisoara, Romania, Politechnica University -- over 2 hours invited talk at a press conference with about 50 students and reporters from TV and several newspapers organized by Liga AC following the summerschool I taught in Bucharest
-- CGWA inaugural meeting, UTB, December 2003
-- 14 lectures on Gravitational Waves taught at LSU during the 2003-2004 winter holiday
-- March 2004, 8 three-hours lectures on General Relativity and String Theory - Lecture series organized by LIGA AC at Politehnica University, Timisoara
-- PCGM, March 2004 - An Alternative Design for LIGO's Mirrors
-- 90 minutes infornal seminar @ Cornell University
-- Cosmos - 4 three-hour lectures on Modern Physics slightly touching on String Theory at University of California Irvine
-- September 2004, 13 lectures on Modern Physics at Grigore Moisil highschool Timisoara
-- EGM 8, March 18-19 2005, Wake forest, NC
-- PCGM 21 , March 25-26 2005, Eugene Or
       This was quite an adventure. I drove the Super-Car all the way from LA to Oregon and back.
-- SCSS , USC May 20-21 20050 -- No Talk
-- String Theory Summer School, June 20 - July 8 2005, Perimeter Institute,  ON
     also innitiated, organized and chaired the student sessions together with Carlos Hoyos
-- STRINGS 2005,  July 11-16 2005, Toronto (Poster)
-- CAM, San Diego, CA (Poster)
     also chaired a Theoretical Physics sessions
-- Informal talk about "Orbifolds in Numerical  Relativity" , March 14, 2006, Caltech
-- Strings on Orbifolds, part of Ph 235, Caltech, May 25, 2006
-- Seeing further with LIGO - one hour Seminar at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand, December 27 2006
-- Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting 23, 2007
-- 10th East Coast Gravity Meeting, Cornell, 2007
-- Using Conical Mirrors to see further with LIGO, One hour talk at a Workshop on Gravitational Waves, Perth Australia, 2007
-- Poster at GR18 in Sydney, Australia, 2007
-- Informal 2 hours seminar at Albert Einstein Institute, Golm, Germany, 2007
-- Poster and talk at CAM Conference, Montreal, Canada, 2007
-- Beams of The Future, LSC/Virgo meeting, Hannover, Germany, 2007
-- Future Technologies for Gravitational Wave Detection, TASC, Los Angeles, CA, 2007
-- Beams of The Future, 2 hours seminar in Beneveto, Italy, 2007
-- Reducing Thermal Noise in Future GW Interferonmeters, 2 hour seminar in Salerno, Italy , 2007