Hirosi Ooguri

To 201 East Bridge – come on, let us hurry.

Let's not miss the talk by Hirosi Ooguri!

I don't care a bit if you're busy or weary.

Now is your chance – he's explaining M-theory.

The M is for matrix or membrane or mother;

No doubt it's a theory unlike any other.

A theory of spacetime that's quantum stops traffic,

And more so if it can be called holographic.

M-theory's not easy to master you’ve heard?

You've sat through some talks hardly grasping a word?

Those talks left you puzzled or angry or queasy?

Ooguri is different – he'll make it seem easy.


Your brain is a lot more complex than a worm's.

You'll get it once you know a few simple terms.

The theory we once thought was all about strings

It turns out is really about other things.


Like D-branes and black holes, to which they are dual.

Conformal gauge theories are quite a fine tool.

The membranes and field strengths are very exotic,

Two-A or two-B or of type heterotic.

To take all this in you will need the right teacher

Who's clever and clear, with the soul of a preacher.

You're right to be here, and have no need to worry.

You'll get it when you hear Hirosi Ooguri!

                            John Preskill

                            May 10, 2001