Lene Hau


Photons rushing too and fro

Are almost always on the go.

But Lene Hau has built a nest

Where tired light can stop to rest.

"Stay!" she calls and like a pup

Who wants to please and not screw up

Her light obeys its master's voice

As though there were no other choice.

Then Lene smiles as time rolls past.

The tension builds until at last

"Come!" she calls and prompt to heed

A beam bursts forth at lightning speed.

"Farewell!" she laughs as unleashed light

Blazes on 'til out of sight.

"Come back soon to take a nap.

You're always welcome in my trap!"

Photons live a busy life

Filled with trauma, toil, and strife.

Their lot will be much brighter now.

Thanks, Professor Lene Hau!

                                                                John Preskill

                                                                June 6, 2002