Jeff Kimble


Professor HJ Kimble

Is much larger than a thimble

And a veritable symbol

Of the physicist today.


Could it be prodigious height

Explains his knack for squeezing light

Or is Jeff’s mind extremely bright?

I guess that’s hard to say…


Jeff wants to build a quantum net

It seems quite hard, but still I bet

Someday we’ll get there, just not yet.

There’ll be a slight delay.


At least they’ve made a quantum node,

That’s a start along the road.

They showed a photon could be stowed

And then released. Okay?


Jeff’s students stay up very late

And try to share a quantum state

Between two nodes. But when you wait

Entanglement decays.


Once entanglement is strong

And they can make it last quite long

One node could be inside Hong Kong

The other in Bombay.


And once the quantum net’s begun

We’re going to have a lot of fun

Exploiting work that Jeff has done

Here’s what he has to say!



                        John Preskill

                        21 January 2009