Frances: 13 March 1995 – 14 June 2006

Frances -- A poem

Frances, our dog,
Is the daughter of Cooper.
She jumps like a frog;
She's a champion pooper.

She started out small
And slept in a crate.
She peed in the hall
Which didn't smell great.

She fell in the pool
As a wee little pup.
And we sent her to school
So she wouldn't screw up.

Now Frances is big
But she still loves to play.
She eats like a pig,
But just twice a day.

She'll sit and she'll stand
If you ask her to do it.
Give her your hand;
She'll be happy to chew it.

When you say hello
Her butt starts to wiggle.
She shakes like jello
And you can't help but giggle.

Roll a ball on the floor
And she's sure to give chase.
She'll beg you for more
And she'll bark in your face.

When she hears nature's call
She will do a strange dance.
If you hear it, a ball
Will appear in your pants.

Each morning she'll feel
That it's time for her walk.
She'll stand, sit, and heel
While her Mom and Dad talk.

Then she's down on the tile
With her feet stretched out straight.
Dreaming a while
Of the meal she just ate.