High Energy Theory Seminars: Winter 2007

All seminars will be held in 469 Lauritsen on Fridays at 11AM, unless otherwise noted.
The organizer for this seminar is Joseph Marsano ().
Date and time Speaker
Title Slides etc.
Jan 5      
Jan 12 Ivo Sachs (LMU München) Open-closed string correspondence in background independent string field theory  
Jan 19 Veronika Hubeny (Durham)
Decoding bulk geometry from gauge theory correlators pdf
Jan 26   Eva Silverstein
New Dimensions for Wound Strings and D-duality  
Jan 29
Chris Hull (Imperial) Nongeometric String Backgrounds pdf
Feb 2 Hermann Nicolai (AEI) Infinite dimensional R symmetries in M-theory pdf
Feb 9 Ashoke Sen (HRI) Extremal Black Hole Entropy I pdf1 pdf2
Feb 16 Ofer Aharony
(Weizmann, Stanford)
On the CFT/AdS correspondence and massive gravitons  
Feb 16
1:00 pm
Tohru Eguchi
Liouville Field, Modular Forms, and Elliptic Genera pdf
Feb 23 Katrin Becker
(Texas A&M)
Moduli Stabilization in Non-Geometric Backgrounds
ppt pdf ps
March 2 Pavel Kovtun (KITP)
Quantum critical transport, duality, and M-theory
March 9 Samuel Vazquez (UCSB) Reconstructing BPS Geometries from N=4 SYM ppt pdf
March 9
1:00 pm
Kirill Krasnov
Renormalizable Non-metric Gravity? pdf
March 16 Kirill Saraikin (Harvard) Extremal Black Hole Entropy and Topological Strings pdf
March 23 Andrew Waldron (Davis) Higher Spins, Lichnerowicz Algebras, and Superparticles  
March 30 Hubert Saleur (USC) Logarithmic conformal field theories and supergroup sigma models  
April 6 Zvi Bern (UCLA) Three Loop Superfiniteness of N=8 Supergravity  
April 13 Mark Van Raamsdonk (UBC) Aspects of Quantum Mechanics / Gravity Duality  
April 13
1:00 pm
Emeri Sokatchev
N=4 SYM theory in twistor harmonic superspace  
April 20 Bogdan Florea
Metastable quivers in string compactifications
April 27 Ian Swanson (IAS) TBA  
May 4 Joshua Davis
5D Black Holes and Strings with Higher Derivatives  
May 9
1:00 pm

Lilia Anguelova
Metastable SUSY Breaking and Supergravity at Finite Temperature  
May 11 Sumit Das (Kentucky) Null Singularities and their Gauge Theory Duals  
May 18 No Speaker No Seminar  
May 25 L Fernando Alday
Gluon scattering amplitudes at strong coupling pdf
May 25
1:00 pm
Xi Yin
Superconformal Chern-Simons-Matter Theories  
June 1 Norihiro Iizuka
Attractors and Spinning Strings  
June 1
1:00 pm

Sean Hartnoll
Topology change and new phases of N=4 SYM theory  
June 8 (no seminar) commencement  

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