High Energy Theory Seminars: Winter 2010

All seminars will be held in 469 Lauritsen on Fridays at 11AM, unless otherwise noted.
The organizer for this seminar is Kirill Saraikin.
Jan 8
No Talk

Jan 15
Yutaka Ookouchi
On Confinement Index

Jan 15
Jerome Gauntlett

Holographic Superconductivity in M-Theory

Jan 22
No Talk

Jan 29
Yasunori Nomura
Precision Higgs Mass Prediction from the Multiverse

Feb 5
Silviu Pufu
Charged black branes: stable or unstable?

Feb 12
Talk Canceled

Feb 19
Thomas Faulkner
Semi-Holographic Fermi Liquids

Feb 19
I-Sheng Yang

Stretched or Sealed? The fate of extra dimensions

Feb 26
Yuji Tachikawa
M5-branes, 4d gauge theory and 2d CFT

Mar 5
Diego Trancanelli
A supermatrix model for AdS4/CFT3

Mar 12
David Morrison
6D supergravity and F-theory

Mar 19
No Talk
Spring Recess

Sneak peek at the schedule for Spring 2010.

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