High Energy Theory Seminars: Fall 2013

All seminars will be held in 469 Lauritsen on Fridays at 11AM, unless marked in red.
The organizer for this seminar is Abhijit Gadde.
Oct 4
Arthur Lipstein
(University of Oxford)
From dlogs to dilogs
Oct 11
Vladimir Rosenhaus
(UC Berkeley)
Holography for a small world
Oct 18
Ehsan Hatefi
BPS, Non-BPS and D-brane anti D-brane effective actions in type II Superstring theory with their corrections to all orders in alpha-prime
Oct 25
Benjamin Safdi
(Princeton University)
Probing Induced Higher-Spin Gauge Theory
Oct 25
@ 1 pm
Yu Nakayama
Vector beta function
Nov 1
Ilarion Melnikov
(MPI, Potsdam)
A (0,2) overview
Nov 8
Denis Klevers
(University of Pennsylvania)
F-theory Compactifications With Multiple U(1)-Factors
Nov 15
Sergey Cherkis
(University of Arizona)
Phases of 5d Gauge Theories, Monopole Walls, and Melting Crystals
Nov 18
Special @ 1.30 pm
Daniel Roggenkamp
(University of Heidelberg)
Defect lines in 2d CFTs
Nov 22
Jacob Bourjaily
(Harvard University)
Scattering Amplitudes, Unitarity, and the Positive Grassmannian
Nov 29

Dec 6
Wilke van der Schee
(Utrecht University)
Collisions in AdS and the thermalization of heavy-ion collisions
Dec 13
Rod Crewther
(University of Adelaide)
\Delta I = 1/2 Rule for Kaon Decays derived from QCD Infrared Fixed Point
Dec 20
@ 1.30 pm
David Kosower
Maximal Unitarity at Two Loops

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