High Energy Theory Seminars: Fall 2015

All seminars will be held in 469 Lauritsen on Fridays at 11AM, unless marked in red.
The organizer for this seminar is Ning Bao.
Sept 25
Vladimir Kazakhov
(Ecole Normale Supérieure et d'Université Paris)
Twisted quantum spectral curve of AdS5/CFT4
Oct 2
No Seminar
Oct 9
Peter Koroteev
Quantum Hydrodynamics from Large-N Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
Oct 16
David Simmons-Duffin
Looking for a Bulk Point
Oct 23
Dean Carmi
On the shape dependence of entanglement entropy
Oct 30
Aleksey Cherman
Emergent symmetries and 4D-2D relations for confining large N gauge theories
Nov 6
Netta Engelhardt
No Transmission Principle in Holography
Nov 6
Junya Yagi
(University of Warsaw)
Quiver gauge theories, TQFT and integrable lattice models.
Nov 13
Shamit Kachru
Which quantum field theories have emergent gravity?
Nov 20
Jared Kaplan
(Johns Hopkins)
What is Temperature of a Pure State?
Nov 27
No Seminar
Dec 4
Christoph Uhlemann
Supersymmetric flavors on curved space and a precision test of AdS/CFT
Dec 11
Monica Kang
Perfect Resolutions of SU(2)xSU(3) Model of Elliptic Fibration

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