High Energy Theory Seminars: Winter&Spring 2015

All seminars will be held in 469 Lauritsen on Fridays at 11AM, unless marked in red.
The organizers for this seminar are Ning Bao and Wenbin Yan.
Jan 16
Jaewon Song
Infinite N=1 Dualities
Jan 23
Sarah Harrison
Umbral Moonshine and K3 Surfaces
Jan 30
Ibou Bah
AdS5 solutions from M5-branes on Riemann surface and D6-brane sources
Feb 6
Simeon Hellerman
Feb 13
Raman Sundrum
(U Maryland)
BTZ/CFT: Before the Bang
Feb 20
Lance Dixon
Loop Amplitudes without Loop Integrands
Feb 27
Bogdan Stefanski
(City University London)
Integrability and the conformal field theory of the Higgs branch
Mar 6
Matt von Hippel
Loop Amplitudes without Loop Integrands: Constraining the NMHV Ratio Function
Mar 13
Haruki Watanabe
Absence of quantum time crystals
Mar 20
Vladimir Rosenhaus
Bulk-Boundary Duality, Gauge Invariance, and Precursors
Mar 27
Bei Jia
(UT Austin)
Geometry of (0,2) Theories
April 3 (11 AM)
Anton Kapustin
Generalized Global Symmetries
April 3 (1 PM)
Jacob Bourjaily
Enhancing Generalized Unitarity
April 10
Ruben Minasian
(CEA Saclay)
Heterotic strings and generalised geometry
April 10
Ken Intriligator
Deformations of superconformal theories
April 17
Henrik Johansson
Yang-Mills-Einstein Theory as a Double Copy
April 24
Bartek Czech
Integral geometry and the entropic nature of points and lengths
May 1

May 8 (11 AM)
Dan Xie
(Harvard University)
Geometric engineering, Mirror symmetry and 6d (1,0) to 4d N=2
May 8 (1 PM)
Richard Woodard
(University of Florida)
Electrodynamic Effects of Inflationary Gravitons
May 15 10:30 AM
Kelly Stelle
(Imperial College)
Asymptotic Conformal Symmetry and Gravity Localisation on Braneworlds
May 15 12:30 PM
Djordje Radicevic
Entanglement entropy and phases of gauge theories
May 22
Augusto Sagnotti
(CERN, Scuola Normale Superiore, INFN-Pisa)
String-Scale SUSY Breaking: Clues for the low-I CMB
May 29
Sho Yaida
(Duke University)
Replica-symmetry-breaking instantons in glassy systems
May 29
Donal O'Connell
(University of Edinburgh)
The BCJ double copy and Kerr-Schild metrics
June 5
Adam Bzowski
(Leuven University)
Conformal Invariance in Momentum Space

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