High Energy Theory Seminars: Fall 2016

All seminars will be held in 469 Lauritsen on Fridays at 11AM, unless marked in red.
The organizer for this seminar is Martin Fluder.
Sept 30
Matthew Walters
(Boston University)
Studying IR Dynamics with Conformal Truncation
Oct 7
Andrew McLeod
(Stanford University)
From Hexagons to Heptagons: Bootstrapping Seven-Point Amplitudes in Planar N=4 super-Yang Mills Theory
Oct 14

Oct 14
Alba Grassi
(ICTP Trieste)

Wolfgang Wieland
(Perimeter Institute)
Seiberg-Witten theory as a Fermi gas

Quasilocal free energy in GR: Positivity and monotonicity
Oct 21
No seminar
Southern California String Seminar at UCLA
Oct 28
Stephen Jordan
(NIST/QuICS, University of Maryland)
Quantum computing and topological invariants
Nov 4

Nov 4
Brian Willett
(KITP/UC Santa Barbara)
Pavel Putrov
3d N = 2 theories on circle bundles and the Bethe equations

Exact solutions of N = (0 , 2) Landau - Ginzburg models
Nov 11

Nov 11
Callum Quigley
(University of Toronto)

Elias Kiritsis
(University of Crete)
Second quantized MSW strings on K3
Holography and the quantum renormalization group
Nov 18
No seminar
Symposium to celebrate 75th birthday of John Schwarz
Nov 25
No seminar
Dec 2

Dec 2
Edgar Shaghoulian
(UC Santa Barbara)
Natalie Paquette
(Stanford University)
Gravity from conformal large-N gauge theory

Automorphy, Wall Crossing, and Symmetries of BPS States

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