High Energy Theory Seminars: Winter 2016

All seminars will be held in 469 Lauritsen on Fridays at 11AM, unless marked in red.
The organizer for this seminar is Ning Bao.
Jan 8
Matthew Dodelson
Drama from strings
Jan 15
Daniel Jafferis
Toda theory from six dimensions
Jan 22
Per Kraus
Conformal blocks from AdS
Jan 29
Clay Cordova
Deformations of SCFT's
Feb 5
Mukund Rangamani
(UC Davis)
The Fluid Manifesto: Topological sigma models and dissipative hydrodynamics
Feb 12
Pavel Putrov
Fivebranes and 3-manifold homology
Feb 12
Abhijit Gadde
Conformal constraints on defects
Feb 19
Dieter Luest
Classical and Quantum Black Hole Hair
Feb 19
Cumrun Vafa
Fractional Quantum Hall Effect and M-theory
Feb 26
F Theory Conference
(no seminar)
Mar 4
Oscar Varela
AdS4 solutions of massive IIA from dyonic supergravity and their simple Chern-Simons duals
Mar 4
Max Metlitski
S-duality of u(1) gauge theory with theta=pi on non-orientable manifolds: Applications to topological insulators and superconductors
Mar 9
Jennifer Lin
Gravity Dual of Relative Entropy and Comments on Bulk Reconstruction
Mar 10
Sameer Murthy
(King's College)
Black hole degeneracies from brane-instantons
Mar 18
Chris Beem
Deformation quantization from superconformal symmetry in three dimensions
Mar 25
Hee-Cheol Kim
Defects and Instantons in five-dimensional field theories
Apr 1
Lampros Lamprou
A stereoscopic look into the bulk
Apr 8
Tom Rudelius
The Many Dimensions of the Weak Gravity Conjecture
Apr 15
Thomas Faulkner
Shape dependence of entanglement Hamiltonians and the averaged null energy condition
Apr 22
William Donnelly
Entanglement and nonlocality in quantum gravity
Apr 29
Mario Martone
Expanding the landscape of N=2 Super-conformal field theories
May 6
Alberto Nicolis (cancelled)
Phonons and rotons in liquid helium
May 13
Andreas Stergiou
4D N=1 Superconformal Bootstrap
May 20
Dan Roberts
Chaos and the growth of operators
May 27
Wenbin Yan
Chiral algebra of Argyres-Douglas theory from M5 brane
May 27
Andrew Waldron
(UC Davis)
Renormalized Volume
Jun 3
Andrea Puhm
Tunneling into Black Hole Microstates

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