Location: Beckman Institute Auditorium, Caltech.

All talks are held in the Beckman Institute Auditorium, see the Campus Map. Parking permits are available at the registration desk.


    Monday 2/22 Tuesday 2/23 Wednesday 2/24  Thursday 2/25 Friday 2/26
    F-theory at 20 F-theory at 20 F-theory at 20 Dave Day F-theory at 20
8.55-9.00   Welcome: Ooguri     Seiberg (9-9.30)  
9.00-10.30 Overview Morrison Weigand Tachikawa Vafa (9.30-10) Short talks: 9-11am
10.30-11.00 Coffee       Grassi (10-10.30)  
11.00-11.30 Talk1 Heckman  Grimm Anderson Ooguri(11-11.30) Open Discussion
11.30-12.00 Talk2 Braun  Luest Intrilligator Schafer-Nameki Current Problems and 
12.00-12.30 Talk3 Rudelius Watari Park Aspinwall Future Directions
12.30-2.00 Lunch         in F-theory
2.00-2.30 Talk4 Mayrhofer Halverson Hayashi Taylor  
2.30-3.00 Talk5 Malmendier Cvetic Klemm Moore  
3.00-3.30 Coffee          
3.30-4.00 Talk6 Valandro Klevers Garcia-Etxebarria Plesser  
4.00-4.30 Talk7 Savelli Marchesano Berman Katz  
7:00 PM       Banquet    

Speakers and Titles:

Name Affiliation Title Slides
Anderson, Lara Virginia Tech Matter Transitions and Heterotic/F-theory Duality pdf
Aspinwall, Paul Duke Discriminants and Mirror Symmetry
Berman, David QMUL An action for F-theory from Exceptional Field Theory pdf
Braun, Andreas Oxford Tops as Building Blocks for G2 manifolds pdf
Cvetic, Mirjam Upenn Abelian and Discrete Symmetries in Heterotic/F-theory Duality pdf
Garcia Etxebarria, Inaki Munich F-theory at terminal singularities pdf
Grassi, Antonella Upenn From Flower Pots to F-theory and Dualities pdf
Grimm, Thomas Utrecht Gauge theories on circles and the decoding of F-theory geometries pdf
Halverson, Jim Northeastern Strong coupling and geometrically non-Higgsable seven branes pdf
Hayashi, Hirotaka Madrid 5-brane webs and 5d, 6d SCFTs pdf
Heckman, Jonathan UNC On the Classification of 6D RG Flows pdf
Intriligator, Ken UCSD Deformations of Superconformal Theories pdf
Katz, Sheldon UIUC Extremal transitions of Calabi-Yau fourfolds in M-theory pdf
Klemm, Albrecht Bonn BPS states on elliptic Calabi-Yau, Jacobi-forms and 6d theories pdf
Klever, Denis CERN Novel matter structures and extremal transitions pdf
Luest, Dieter Munich F-theory and T-fects pdf
Marchesano, Fernando Madrid Fitting Fermion masses in F-theory pdf
Mayrhofer, Christoph Munich Dualities between (Non-)Geometric Heterotic String Vacua via F-Theory pdf
Malmendier, Andreas Utah State  Calabi-Yau manifolds realizing symplectically rigid monodromy tuples pdf
Moore, Greg Rutgers Desperately Seeking Moonshine pdf
Morrison, David UCSB Mathematical aspects of F-theory: a status report pdf
Ooguri, Hirosi Caltech Comments on K3 Moduli Space pdf
Park, Daniel Rutgers Bounding the number of tensor multiplets in 6D F-theory vacua pdf
Plesser, Ronan Duke Extremal Transitions between Calabi—Yau Fourfolds in M-theory pdf
Rudelius, Tom Harvard F-theory and the Classification of Little Strings ppt
Savelli, Raffaele Saclay Nilpotent deformations in 3d pdf
Schafer-Nameki, Sakura King's College London F-theory and (2,0) pdf
Seiberg, Nathan IAS Gapped Boundary Phases of Topological Insulators via Weak Coupling pdf
Tachikawa, Yuji IPMU 6d SCFTs and F-theory: a bottom-up perspective pdf
Taylor, Washington MIT Elliptic fourfolds and 4D F-theory models pdf
Vafa, Cumrun Harvard F-theory and Superconformal Theories in 4 Dimensions
Valandro, Roberto Trieste T-branes and 3d mirror symmetry pdf
Watari, Taizan IPMU Solitons in Heterotic String and K3 Surface pdf
Weigand, Timo Heidelberg F-theory in 4 dimensions pdf

Speakers and Titles for Short-Talks:

Name Affiliation Title
Nardoni, Emily UC San Diego Deformations of W_{A,D,E} SCFTs
Raghuram, Nikhil MIT Matter transitions and exotic matter on singular seven-branes in 6D F-theory models
Song, Peng UPenn Origin of abelian gauge symmetries in heterotic/F-theory duality
Sun, Haoyu Berkeley S-Duality, Quadratic Reciprocity, and Janus Configurations
Sun, Kaiwen U of S and T, China Haghighat-Lockhart-Vafa conjecture: nE+nE->nH
Wang, Yinan MIT The F-theory geometry with most flux vacua
Wong, Jin-Mann King's College London Phenomenology of U(1)s in F-theory