Ph 230: Elementary Particle Theory

Textbooks on particle physics:

  • M. D. Schwartz, Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model, Cambridge University Press (2014).
  • P. Langacker, The Standard Model and Beyond, CRC Press (2009).
  • J.F. Donoghue, E. Golowich, and B.R. Holstein, Dynamics of the Standard Model, Cambridge University Press (1996).

Texbooks on quantum field theory
  • M. Peskin and D. Schroeder, An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory, Addison-Wesley (1995)
  • S. Weinberg, The Quantum Theory of Fields. vol. II: Modern Applications. Cambridge University Press (1996).

Texbooks on supersymmetry

  • J. Wess and J. Bagger, Supersymmery and supergravity (1992)
  • J. Terning, Modern Supersymmetry: Dynamics and Duality (2009)

Pre-requisites: Ph 205 or a similar course (basic QFT, including QED and its renormalization)


Ph 230a: Quantization of Yang-Mills theories, renormalization, perturbative QCD, spontaneously broken
global and gauge symmetries, the Standard Model.
Ph 230b: CP violation, anomalies, effective field theories (Chiral Perturbation Theory and HQET), instantons and other nonpertubative effects.
Ph 230c: Supersymmetry

My office hours: Wednesday 3:30-4:30 p.m., 420 Downs

TA:   Du Pei, 446 Lauritsen TA's office hours are Tuesday 4-5 pm. HW should be placed into the TA's mailbox on the 4th floor.

There will be no exams in this course: grading will be done on the basis of turned in homework.
Each subproblem is worth 10 points.  You are expected to turn it at least 80 % of the assigned
homework and get at least 50% of the maximal possible number of points.   Homework problems will be
posted here every Wednesday (or Thursday morning, at the latest) and are due a week later, that is, next Wednesday.

Homework problems - fall quarter

Week 1 (due Oct. 7)  Week 2 (due Oct. 14)  Week 3 (due Oct. 21) Week 4 - no HW

Week 5 (due Nov. 4)  Week 6 (due Nov. 11)  Week 7 (due Nov. 18)  Week 8 (due Nov. 25)

Homework problems - winter quarter

Week 1 - no HW   Week 2 (due Jan. 20)  Week 3 (due Jan. 27)  Week 4 (due Feb. 3)

Week 5 (due Feb. 10)  Week 6 (due February 17)   Week 7 - no HW   Week 8 (due March 2)

Week 9 - no HW

Homework problems - spring quarter

Week 1 - no HW  Week 2 (due April 13)  Week 3 (due April 20)  Week 4 (due April 27)

Week 5 - no HW Week 6 (due May 11)  Week 7 (due May 18)   Week 8 (due May 25)