Ph 250: String Theory

Textbooks on string theory

  • K. Becker, M. Becker, and J. Schwarz. Strinf Theory abd M-Theory: A Modern Introduction (2007).
  • J. Polchinski. String Theory, vols 1,2 (1998).                 

Texbooks on supersymmetry

  • J. Wess and J. Bagger, Supersymmery and supergravity (1992)
  • J. Terning, Modern Supersymmetry: Dynamics and Duality (2009)


Supersymmetry on the worldsheet (RNS string), supersymmetry in target space, superconformal field theory, mirror symmetry, D-branes, supersymmetric dualitis and string theory.

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There will be no exams in this course: grading will be done on the basis of turned in homework.
Each subproblem is worth 10 points.  You are expected to turn it at least 80 % of the assigned
homework and get at least 50% of the maximal possible number of points.   Homework problems will be
posted here every Friday and are due a week later, that is, next Friday.

Homework problems

Week 1 (due April 14)   Week 2 (due April 21)  Week 3 (due April 28)  Week 4 (due May 5) 

Week 5 (due May 12)   Week 6 - no HW    Week 7 (due May 26)