Ph 205 Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

This is a 3-quarter course covering basic quantum field theory, including QED, renormalization, path-integrals, and Yang-Mills theory.

Required: Mark Srednicki, Quantum Field Theory, Cambridge University Press.
Recommended: Steven Weinberg, The Quantum Theory of Fields, vols. 1,2, Cambridge University Press.

My office is 451 Lauritsen. My office hour is on Tuesday, 2:30-3:30 p.m.

TA: Ketan Vyas, 471 Lauritsen. Ketan’s office hour is on Monday, 2:30-3:30 p.m.

There will be no exams; instead there will be a homework problem set each week. It will be posted on this website each Wednesday and will be due a week later. Homework should be given directly to the TA or left in his mailbox (4th floor of Lauritsen, next to 452 Lauritsen). The TA will produce solution sets; you will find them outside of my office. Graded homework will be placed there as well. Grading will be done on the basis of the homework. If you need an extension, you should ask me in advance; without an extension late homework will not be graded.

Fall quarter

Week 1 (due October 10)   Week 2 (due October 17)   Week 3 (due October 24)   Week 4 (due October 31) 

Week 5 (due November 7)    Week  6 (due November 14)  -  there was an error in the formulation of  problem 1b, which has now been corrected.

Week 7 (due November 21)   Week 8 (due November 29)


Winter quarter

Week 1 (due Jan. 16)   Week 2 (due January 23)   Week 3 (due January 30)   Week 4 (due February 6)   Week 5 (due February 13)

Week 6  (due February 20;  the scan  of the relevant pages of Bjorken-Drell is here)   Week 7 – no HW  Week 8 (due March 5)

 Week 9 (due March 12)     Path-integral for fermions (from Weinberg vol. 1): part1    part 2


Spring quarter

Week 1 (due April 9)   Week 2 (due April 16)   Week 3 – no HW   Week 4 (due April 30)    Week 5 (due May 7)

Week 6 (due May 14)   Week 7 – no HW   Week 8 (due March 28)